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Video did not kill the radio star.

Mister Biscuit, a music producer hailing from the UK is causing quite a stir.

With little known about him so far, it's not difficult to see why his debut track “The Kid’s Don’t Play No More” inspired by the London Riots of 2011 has generated 120,000 hits in its first month on YouTube.

In a rare interview, Biscuit says he draws inspiration from the YouTube generation “the world is in a huge period of change at the moment, in terms of balance and shift of power." From this he uses the video clips to gain inspiration for the track. "The subject matter is there and it's right in front of your nose, it's real" A unique way of writing, but it's certainly done him no harm.

Mister Biscuit is putting the finishing touches to his debut album.

'Charles Ramsey - EPIC REMIX'

By Mister Biscuit.

'Stephen Fry (What I Would Tell My 18 Year Old Self) '

By Mister Biscuit.

'Kid's Don't Play No More'

By Mister Biscuit, featuring Megan Henwood.

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